Happy New Year!

Now Christmas is over and the new Year has begun, it’s a great opportunity to take a look around your home and decide if you really need all the stuff you have gathered over the years!

Now that the Christmas decorations are all packed away. Look at your home with fresh eyes, is it time to de-clutter and take back the space in your home.

If you are planning on selling your home this year, then a good tidy and perhaps a few home improvements can drastically improve your chances for a quick sale.

If you are moving house and using a removal company, then it makes sense to declutter now so you are not paying to have unwanted items moved. Have a look at these ideas for decluttering and you will save money on your house removals quote too.

So here are are our top tips to save you time and money this New Year:

Make a plan

Perhaps you have been in your home for many years and have collected many items with sentimental value over the years, so the task of sorting through and decluttering in itself can be a huge task, Look at your belongings with fresh eyes, We would recommend starting with your clothes over an afternoon and taking it from there ( if you have small children, it might be a good idea to arrange childcare for the afternoon!)



Be Clear on what you would like to keep, recycle, sell or bin

Have a system, many use the 6 month rule for clothes, likewise if you have clothes that do not fit you anymore, now is an great time to either sell or donate. It might be that you have stacks of boxes of kids things, a good way to tackle this is to separate the items that you want to keep for sentimental value or to pass on at a later date. Just make sure that you pack them up properly to store them safely out of the way. We would recommend going through the kids toys, when they are at school as it’s our experience that kids never want to part with anything ever!!


Get Organised

Now that you have done the hard work and decluttered, enjoy the space and be clever with your storage

Once you have sold your house, look at getting  quotes from reputable removal companies, with good customer feedback to take the hassle out of moving for you. Give us a call on 0115 8374120 to arrange your free, no obligation site visit or simply fill in our online quote request form.

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